Create AR Indoor Navigation
with your Matterport Scan

Do you want to increase your sales? Stand out from your competition and be one of the first to offer your customers added value through augmented reality! With INDOAR and Matterport, you can transform any physical location into an immersive experience. With a few simple steps you can create an augmented reality indoor navigation from any digital twin. In addition you can place any location based content like 3D models, text, video and audio on any coordinate in your digital twin. Create beautiful tours and immersive experiences for your clients with INDOAR and Matterport!

Expand your service portfolio with AR indoor navigation and
offer your clients an immersive experience on-site.


How does it work?


Sign in to our admin Interface, upload your Matterport scan and add AR details with just a few steps.

1. Import Space

Login to the INDOAR admin interface and import your digital twin.

Place points of interest (Mattertags) and add content like text, video and audio, create tours or place 3D models into your environment.

2. Customize

You can test the INDOAR experience any time during your creation process with your mobile device (mobile phone or tablet).

No additional hardware needed!

3. Test on-site

Release your clients app in the Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.

4. Release App

How can I use INDOAR?


indoor navigation can be use in many scenarios...

Visitors try to gain knowledge as much as they can during their visit. They often require help in finding objects while wandering around the museum. With INDOAR they can set up their personalized tours or choose from a set of pre-defined tours focusing on a specific topic.


Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are getting larger and more confusing. Customers want to find the shortest route to the favorite product they are looking for. Routes can be set up to show visitors additional up selling and cross selling items, products and services that are bought together.

Big exhibitions, trade shows and events are very hard to navigate around not only for the visitors, but also for exhibitors, contractors and logistic partners. Visitors can be routed through similar category booths and provided with additional information about the booth exhibitors availability for a meeting.


Real Estate can benefit from INDOAR in multiple different ways. Not just having visitors find the company the are visiting in a large Skyscraper, but it can also be used to improve the Facility Management processes by providing wayfinding and location based access to maintenance interfaces when the worker arrives.

Real Estate


The experience of travelling is not as easy as it used to be. Airports became bigger due to the increased number of flights. Increased amounts of stores and gates make visitors confused. Navigation systems will provide additional information for airport visitors as well as guide them to the desired shops or gates.

Visiting a Hospital is often already a stressful event. No matter if you are there as a patient or as a visitor, wayfinding often is an issue in these large indoor surroundings! With INDOAR hospitals are able to provide a precise and easy to use wayfinding experience.


Powerful AR features.
New opportunities for your Matterport scans.


Using the latest visual positioning technology ViewAR provides precise and robust navigation without extra hardware installations on-site.

Hardware free

Our Integrated high-performance recognition system and a range of support in digital twin creation platforms makes it possible to support any venue size.

Any venue size

Our system offers text and voice translations for all available languages. It uses by default the language setting of the mobile device.


Choose your guide from a list of predefined characters or use your own custom character. A simple „guide-free“ navigation with arrows is also available.

Exchangeable guide

Administrate the Point-of-Interest and tours in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your 3D scanned location.

3D Admin panel

Let our integrated AI chatbot answer any questions that arise during your clients experience. Our system supports both voice and text in- and output.

AI chatbot

You can either setup the waypoints and POIs on-site with your mobile device or through our admin backend on your computer.

Easy Location Setup

Due to our latest re-localization technology, you can start the navigation from any position in the location.

Instant Positioning

Use our comfortable JavaScript-API to easily connect your existing applications or database to our system.

API Integration

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